Mad Professor Deep Blue Delay


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Il Deep Blue Delay raddoppia e mette insieme un delay in stile nastro con uno trasparente e dai tempi più lunghi. Tap tempo a bordo e uscita dedicata al segnale wet, il Dual Blue Delay di Mad Professor può sommare i due delay in parallelo o come un multihead in stile Pink Floyd.

LEVEL: Sets the level of delayed signal mixed with straight guitar tone, fully CCW there is only straight (un-effected) guitar signal heard and fully CW gives the loudest delay.

DELAY: Controls the delay time from 25ms (fully CCW) to 450ms (fully CW)

REPEAT: Controls the repeats of the delay signal, fully CCW gives one repeat and at fully CW you get infinite feedback.

  • Current consumption: 25 to 32 mA depending on delay setting
  • Voltage range: 8V to 15V (below 7,5 V delay signal will be muted)
  • Input impedance IZ: 180K Ohm’s
  • Output drive capability: 10K Ohms
  • Maximum input voltage: 2V peak 650mV rms
  • Signal to noise ratio: 80dB
  • Delay time: approximately 25mS to 450mS
  • Power requirement: supplied via 2,1 mm standard jack
  • Input and output connections: via 1/4″ Switchcraft
  • Complete bypass and input of circuit: grounded when in bypass