Ampeg SVT-4 PRO made in USA


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  • DUAL SEPARATE POWER AMPLIFIERS: Operate in true stereo or mono bridged mode
    for even greater output power
  • BI-AMP CAPABLE: Adjustable crossover frequency control and low-to-high frequency
    balance control allow you to fine-tune the bi-amp abilities of the amplifier
  • 5-POSITION MIDRANGE SELECTOR: Take your pick from the five center frequency
    points available to get just the right midrange voicing
  • COMPRESSION CONTROL: Allows you to control the dynamics of the tonal response
    characteristics from the power amp, from punch to compressed
  • 9–BAND GRAPHIC EQ: Use as a “second channel” for bass solos, or to shape the
    sound to your own exacting standards. An independent level control allows you to adjust
    the Graphic EQ volume
  • TUNER OUT JACKS: Two jacks – one on the front panel, one on the rear panel – allows
    connection to an electronic tuner and provides an “always live” monitor feed, even when
    the output is muted
  • SPEAKON JACKS: For more reliable connections at higher outputs and for mono
    bridged connections (in addition to 1/4″ speaker out jacks)
  • TRANSFORMER BALANCED LINE OUTPUTS: Independent level control. Two transformer balanced XLR and two balanced/unbalanced 1/4″ output jacks – switchable stereo
    or mono (one “wet”, one “dry” signal), pre– or post–EQ
  • STEREO EFFECTS LOOP: Connect effects here for increased intensity and quieter
  • POWER AMP IN AND PREAMP OUT: Two separate loops, one for each channel:
    a separate preamp may be connected to the Power Amp In jack and the Preamp Out
    jack may be connected to a slave amp
  • FOOTSWITCH CONTROL: Use a footswitch to bypass/activate the Effects Loop and to
    activate the Graphic EQ and the Mute feature
  • CIRCUIT BREAKER PROTECTION: A heavy duty resettable circuit breaker provides
    protection against fault conditions